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Benefits of training

Using the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment method, appraisal of the same tree or group of trees by different surveyors not trained to a unifying standard has produced variable results. A comparison of results indicates that a common standard of training is required for both the application of QTRA and tree assessment techniques. To apply QTRA effectively, it is necessary to undertake training in the application of the method and to remain current with the ongoing development of the method. Registered Users are required to attend a one day training workshop on the applications of the method.

Our User Manual, sample documents and a manual calculator are provided together with access to the QTRA Discussion List where you can post queries and discuss application of the method and more general issues of tree safety management.

Registered Users have the option of being listed in the QTRA Registered User Directory.

tree risk assessment


The QTRA Calculator Web App has been developed for Windows Desktop®, iPhone® and Android® devices and a calculator program has been developed for Windows Desktop®. The program, which can be operated either in conjunction with other database software, or as a stand-alone program, has greater functionality than the manual calculator and is simple to operate.

QTRA users are able to download a registration key for a copy of the calculator programme and will have access to the QTRA Calculator Web App and all updates during the registration period. 


User licensing is not restricted to arborists. Because QTRA is ‘target’ led, personnel involved in site management have an equally important role in the QTRA process. It is essential that each Registered User should recognise where his or her skills lie and understand that an arborist is sometimes as ill-placed to quantify the value of targets as a building surveyor is to assess the stability of trees.

The QTRA Registered User is trained in the application of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment method but Registered User training does not provide any guidance in the assessment of tree stability.

Registered User Training Workshops

The two-day workshop is limited to 20 delegates and will follow a tried and tested format incorporating the theory and practice of the method.

QTRA training workshops will be presented by our trainers Mike Ellison, Mark Hartley or William Moore. The level of interest will determine the workshop numbers and venues.


Register your interest in qtra

Register your interest in QTRA training and we will send you an Introductory Information Pack and keep you informed of developments and training events.  When you have registered interest, you can select an event from our Training Calendar and make an online booking.


Our extensive global training courses and workshops will help you become an expert in tree safety and management. Attend one of our training courses to become a registered user of the method.


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