International Operations

International Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

With increasing interest in the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment method from outside the United Kingdom we have made changes to enable consistent application irrespective of national units of measurement or currency.

Since November 2006, we have held QTRA and Visual Tree Assessment training workshops in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The range of targets that can be harmed by tree failure is consistent across international borders but the way we describe highways is highly variable and for this reason, we have standardised the classification of highways for the purposes of applying QTRA. Similarly, monetary values are described in national currency and we  provide a table of exchange rates set at January 1 each year to enable consistent application of QTRA across national boundaries.

If you are interested in QTRA training and becoming a Registered User but there are no training events scheduled locally, contact us at

Registered User Training Workshops

Registered User training workshops will be presented by the originator of QTRA Mike Ellison, Mark Hartley and William Moore with the level of interest determining the venues for future workshops.


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Register your interest in QTRA training and we will send you an Introductory Information Pack and keep you informed of developments and training events.  When you have registered interest, you can select an event from our Training Calendar and make an online booking.


Our extensive global training courses and workshops will help you become an expert in tree safety and management. Attend one of our training courses to become a registered user of the method.


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