Quantified tree risk assessment

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Good Practice Guidance

Best Practice Regulation

Best practice guidance for the application of VOSL in government regulation of risk. Published by The Australian Government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Office of Best Practice Regulation. This note provides guidance on how officers preparing the cost-benefit analysis in Regulation Impact Statements should treat the benefits of regulations designed to reduce the risk of physical harm. A number of regulatory proposals are aimed at reducing the risk of physical harm, for example, occupational health and safety laws, warning labels on tobacco products and transport safety measures such as seat belt laws. This raises the issue of how to measureand articulate this benefit in a Regulation Impact Statement. Different methods have beenproposed for valuing reductions in the risk of physical harm and this note sets out a methodmost appropriate for the best practice regulation process.

Management of the Risk of Falling Trees​

This guidance to UK Health and Safety Executive and local authority enforcing officers appears to be a change in direction for HSE. The theme of the guidance is that it is reasonable to assess the risks from trees without seeking to assess every tree in detail. This document was updated in March 2013, but is not available as a pdf document. You can view the revised document at http://www.hse.gov.uk/foi/internalops/sims/ag_food/010705.htm.


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