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Regional Data

Licensed Users can email relevant documents or sources of data to and we will upload or link them to the 'QTRA Users' area of the website, for access by other users. 

In the 'Regional Data' section we can upload data and links that are specific to your region such as national traffic statistics,  or records of accident numbers.  There is also a 'Publications' section to which, subject to copyright permissions, we can upload publications such as research papers, court judgments or external links that might be useful to QTRA users. 

Depending on the level of use, we may restructure this area of the website to provide sub-pages for specific topics and data types.


United Kingdom
TSGB 2009: Traffic speeds - data tables
  • Vehicle speeds on non-built-up roads by road type and vehicle type: Great Britain: 2008
  • Vehicle speeds on built-up roads by speed limit and vehicle type: Great Britain: 2008
  • Journey time reliability measure1 on the Strategic Road Network: England