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bluebell woods

QTRA Training (2 days) France

Lanquais, France

Date 27 Jan, 2022
Course QTRA Training (2 days) France
Venue Atelier de l'Arbre
La Lèbre

Cost GBP 1050.00
VAT is chargeable on this event at 20%
Places 4



The Registered User training begins at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm. DO NOT BOOK A PLACE IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT TO THESE TIMES. Attendees who do not attend the full training will not become a Registered User of QTRA and no refunds will be made by us as a result of your failure to attend the full training.

All delegates attending QTRA training are required to register their contact details on this website prior to training and are required to accept the online QTRA User Licence Agreement.  Costs include the first year's user registration fee of €98

Bookings should be made on the 'Bookings Form' and an invoice will be issued by William Moore at:

Atelier de l'arbre

La Lèbre


24150 Lanquais


Mobile: 06 82 87 90 13



In order to book onto this event you must agree to the terms of the QTRA User Licence. If you have not already done so you will be asked to indicate your agreement during the booking process.

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