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bluebell woods

QTRA Advanced User Training - Europe

Madrid, Spain

Date 07 May, 2017
Course QTRA Advanced User Training - Europe
Venue Biblioteca Municipal Eugenio Trias
Paseo Fernan Nez
24 29009

Cost EUR 230.00
Places 14


This Advanced User training is available only to existing QTRA Users who have attended training in the current version (V5) of the QTRA method.  The training has an emphasis on application of the method in the field, record-keeping, and how QTRA outputs can be used to inform risk decision making.

The workshop makes plenty of time for your questions to be considered and discussed and questions on practical issues can be answered in the field.

Attendees are encouraged to email with topics that they wish to see discussed at the workshop.

Follow this link for further information relating to the Advanced User training Workshop Outline.

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